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Haruka Ohshima was born in Tokyo, On February 4, 1991, in Japan. She resides in the UK at the moment. Learn more about Haruka Ohshima’s life narrative, including her age, height,

and physical characteristics as well as her romantic relationships and extramarital affairs, family, and most recent updates.

Haruka Ohshima

About Haruka Ohshima

She was born in Tokyo, Japan, on February 4, 1991. Ohshima played the part of Killer Pussie in the 2014 movie Girl’s Blood, one of her memorable parts, exhibiting her acting talent and leaving a lasting effect on the audience.

Additionally, her involvement in high-profile Hollywood productions like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, where she acted as Jani Zhao’s stunt double, and Pennyworth, where she showcased her stunt performer abilities, has cemented her reputation as an exceptional stuntwoman in the cutthroat industry of action movies.

Ohshima’s talent also extended to well-known series, as evidenced by her work on the upcoming The Matrix Resurrections and the 2021 James Bond movie No Time to Die.

Her commitment and talent have made her a priceless addition to the movie business, enabling her to easily switch between various genres and parts.

Haruka Ohshima’s performance in the 2018 movie Skyscraper further highlighted her courage and dedication to her art by showcasing her ability to handle intense action sequences.

Her extensive resume and commitment to her jobs have surely left a lasting impression on the entertainment industry, elevating Haruka Ohshima to a respected and in-demand performer in the UK and elsewhere.

Haruka Ohshima Pic

Ohshima Career

Overview of Haruka Ohshima Haruka Ohshima is a talented stunt performer who has a love for the movie business. Haruka began performing stunts in the movie business in 2011 and has continued since.

She has acted in Japanese films but she has also spent a sizable portion of her later career working in Hollywood.

Some of the most well-known stunts in the films “Jupiter’s Legacy” and “Skyscraper” were accomplished by Haruka.

Background in education: She graduated with a bachelor’s degree from a public university in the United States.

She most likely had the information and abilities she needed to succeed in her career because of the educational foundation she had.

The Matrix Resurrections (2021): Her participation in “The Matrix Resurrections” that year demonstrated her range as a stunt performer by taking part in the recognizable action sequences of this renowned franchise.

Contributions to Japanese Film: Haruka Ohshima has made significant contributions to Japanese film in addition to her work in Hollywood productions.

Although specific titles aren’t listed, her involvement with the domestic and international film industries has probably improved her talents and expanded her repertoire.

Ohshima earns a handsome $70,000 per stunt she performs, but she also gets paid to act in movies.

When Haruka Ohshima highlight

Haruka Ohshima’s skills were put on display in the 2021 James Bond movie “No Time to Die,” where her stunt work aided the action scenes.

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Facts About Haruka Ohshima (Skyscraper)

  • Actress and stunt performer Haruka Ohshima. She gained notoriety for her unique stunts in the 2018 film “Skyscraper”.
  • Ohshima was born in Japan and holds Japanese citizenship. However, she resides in the UK. Her faith is presumably Buddhism, and she is Asian in heritage.
  • Wikipedia doesn’t exist in Ohshima. She is listed on IMDb, though. Additionally, some websites include information about her wiki and bio.
  • Haruka has a charming attitude and is a pretty woman. She has a brilliant smile, black hair, and brown eyes. She also has a wonderful figure and a good height.
  • haruka ohshima doctor strange 2 role (Released on May 6, 2022 ) She gave an outstanding performance in that movie, displaying both her combat prowess and natural acting.
  • Ohshima is single. She also doesn’t have a boyfriend. She is a single woman who is committed to her job. But in the future, she’ll undoubtedly meet a charming boyfriend.
  • Ohshima is now in “Argylle” filming. The woman uses Instagram to maintain a social media presence. Additionally, she now has 4462 fan followers on it.

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Ohshima Personal Detail

Real NameHaruka ohshima
Nick NameOhshima
ProfessionShe is a Professional Actress
Year BirthFebruary 4, 1991
Age32 years old
Relationship StatusNot in Relationship
EducationBachelor’s degree from a public university in the United States.
Haruka ohshima photos

Ohshima Physical Status

HeightNot Available
WeightNot Available
Eye Colorbrown
Hair Colorblack

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